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Therapies for the harmony of the spirit and body

Therapy for spirit and body harmony

Geothermal therapy - the massage with hot volcanic stones, gives harmony to the body and spirit. Warmed lava stones give their natural energy and full body massage improves blood circulation, lymph edema and significantly improves the flow of oxygen to the cells.
Shirodhara - Therapy, coming from the ancient Indian doctrine Ayurveda. It releives the accumulated stress through relaxation, helps the concentration, improves the vision, refreshes the memory.
Oriental peeling with bubbly massage - relax and lie on the marble surface and enjoy the spiritual experience of cleaning peeling and massage with soft foam. Soaked in deep cloud the body, mind and soul will be cleansed.

  • Oriental peeling / kese /
  • Sultan’s gift
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ATA Spa Hotel delivers exceptional SPA services to every client - a pleasure that exceeds all expectations. From the therapy that we offer, trough the products that we use, the lighting, music and aromas in the SPA Center - every detail is special and carefully selected and brings unique experience to each guest. Whether you prefer a short rest from the stress of the daily round, all day SPA program or a romantic weekend for two, ATA Spa is your place, because here everyone is a special guest!