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Hydro Mineral Therapies

Hydro mineral therapies with aroma therapy oils and thermal salts Kneipp. Today, thermal springs are a place to restore body and spirit. The mineral water is beneficial for the health and the beauty of the body and it is a source of emotional warmth and pure pleasure for the spirit.

Kneipp is a world known German brand, characterized by the authentic and rich traditions that meets the needs of modern people in the search for valuable and harmonious life. Kneipp products are fully natural and combine pure essential oils and phytocomponents isolated from specially selected medical herbs and aromatic compositions received from selected plants.

  • Underwater jet massage
  • Tub with thermal salts for the peripheral nervous system
  • Tub with thermal salts for respiration problems
  • Tub with thermal salts against flu
  • Tub with thermal salts "Antistress"
  • Tub with thermal salts "Herbs cocktail"
  • Tub with aroma oil for senses harmony
  • Tub with aroma oil for tonization and detoxication
  • Aroma tub "Caprice"
  • Aroma tub "Elixir of Grapes"
  • Tub for two